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        Chinese writers visit Tibetan county in Yunnan
        update:October 28,2019
        Oct.28,2019-- A group of Chinese writers visited Deqin County in Diqing Prefecture, southwest China’s Yunnan province on Oct. 23rd.
        At the Deqin Second Primary School, they watched Guozhuang Dance performed by students. In many schools in China’s Tibetan areas, Guozhuang Dance, an intangible cultural heritage, has become a regular activity for children.
        They also visited a traditional Tibetan-style house which produces Tibetan wooden bowls in Benzilan County. Traditional Tibetan-style houses for cultural exhibition, experience and accommodation, created and developed by Yi Xi, head of Tibetan Culture industry Co. LTD, are very popular with tourists and local people. 
        Several writers stopped by a local Tibetan family and got a warm reception.
        At an evening gala of the Second Shangri-La Meili Snow Mountain String Festival, the writers enjoyed Tibetan dances like Walking on the Ancient Roads and Always Following the Party.
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        • Beauty of Korchung Kangri glacier in China's Tibet
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