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        Border village project accommodates 277 households in China’s highest township
        update:October 29,2019

        Oct.29,2019 -- People of Namuqi Village hold house-warming ceremony on Oct. 23rd. Photo by Xinhua.

        Oct.29,2019 -- Photo taken on Oct.23rd shows the new houses at Namuqi Village. Photo by Xinhua.

        Oct.29,2019 -- 127 villagers from 29 households at Namuqi Village, Pu Ma Jiang Tang Township, Langkazi County, Tibet Autonomous Region, recently moved to their new houses, which means that 1,042 people from 277 households in Pu Ma Jiang Tang township, China’s highest-altitude township with an elevation of 5,373 meters, all moved into the Border Villages.
        The government of Langkazi County began the construction of Border Villages in 2017. The project includes 6 villages with an investment of 153.51 million yuan.
        Compared with stone houses, the new brick-concrete houses are more solidly built, warmer, brighter and more commodious with yards and modern toilets. The layout of Border Villages is well-designed and the roads have been hardened and widened.
        By:Zhou Tianyu
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