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        One suspect in kidnapping of Chinese student arrested in Toronto
        By:China Daily
        update:March 28,2019
        Mar. 28, 2019 -- A suspect involved in the alleged kidnapping of a Chinese student in Toronto has been arrested, said York Regional Police Tuesday.
        However, the kidnapped student named Wanzhen Lu has not been located, according to the police.
        On early Tuesday morning, the police arrested a man aged 35 in the City of Toronto. The man is believed to be involved in the kidnapping of the Chinese student.
        "His name will not be released at this time as he has not been charged as of yet," said the police in a press release.
        "With this new development, the suspects are once again urged to release Mr. Lu unharmed. We strongly recommend they seek legal counsel and turn themselves in," the police added in the statement.
        On Monday, the vehicle involved in the kidnapping of 22-year-old Chinese student Wanzhen Lu in Canada was recovered after the police received tips from the public that led them to a location in Toronto where the vehicle used in the kidnapping was found. The vehicle was not occupied at the time.
        On Saturday evening, Lu was kidnapped by masked and armed suspects in an underground parking garage of a condo building in Markham of Toronto area when he and his Chinese friend got out of their vehicle.
        Three armed suspects forced the student into a black minivan and fled from the underground parking garage. Police said that there are four suspects, including the vehicle driver in the alleged abduction.
        "We have been in close contact and communication with the police, urging them to rescue the kidnapped student as soon as possible. The police said that they are doing their best to solve the case. We have also contacted the student's parents in China," said a spokesman of the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto.
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